Mask Appeal Scrapbooking Challenge: Turn the Spotlight on Your Photo

Hello everyone!  This is Jana and I am here with another Mask Appeal Challenge.

As memory keepers, I think we all have photos that are extra special.  In fact, sometimes they are so special that it is difficult to scrap them.  We want to make sure that we create a page that truly showcases them and sometimes that seems a bit daunting.  Today, I have just what you need.  Download Katie’s fabulous freebie pack, grab a favorite photo, and clip it to the free mask.  It is as if you are instantly shining the spotlight on your favorite photo. I think you will REALLY like this mask.  It is simple and beautiful.   It will immediately give your photo a bit of artistry.

My friends on the creative team were eager to jump in on this challenge and they created beautiful pages spotlighting a favorite photo.

Joanne (jcaruth910) turned the spotlight onto a precious photo from her childhood.  Her page is so beautiful and inviting.  I love the layered papers, brushwork, and wonderful color palette.


Joanne’s Credits:  Katie Pertiet (Tender Moments Layered Template, Like This Element Pack, Basic Notebook Edge Masks No. 01 Brushes and Stamps, Color My Love Element Pack, Messed Up Photo Blocks Brushes and Stamps No. 10, Messy Stitched Circles: White No. 01, Love My Words Brushes and Stamps) Lynn Grieveson (Anyway Kit)

Linda (earlofoxford) grabbed this adorable photo of her granddaughter and truly made it sing.  Her color palette and brushwork are the perfect compliments to this sweet photo.


Linda’s Credits: Katie Pertiet (Color My Love Paper Pack, Dictionary Blendables: Love No. 01, Clean Stitched Banners: White No. 01, Colorful Watery Spots No. 02, Blitzen Element Pack, Little Round Tabs, Notebook Edge Photos Masks No. 09, Hey Missy Paint, Three Words No. 1, Bead Scatterings No. 01, Notebook Edge Photo Masks, Fine Line Keylinges 4×6 No. 01, Hey Missy Element Pack, Drop Shadows Styles No. 02) Maplebrook Studios (Just Linens Paper Pack No. 52) Pattie Knox (Staple Its:Clusters)

I decided to leave my regular position behind the camera and step into the spotlight on mother’s day.  I loved working with this mask because it is so simple and beautiful.


Jana’s Credits: Katie Pertiet (Del Mar Kit, Artistry de Sol Kit, Crowning Affair Understated Kit, Vintage Christmas Kit, Stitched Chip Strips, Sweet Rose Bay Kit, Botanist Notebook No. 25, Bits of Nature No. 2, Clean Stitched Circles, Letterbox Brushes No. 5, Taped Together Overlays No. 2, Notebook Journalers No. 2, Letterbox Overlays No. 2, Day Out Solids, Bound Papers No. 4, Fineline Keylined Journalers No. 1, Notebook Edged Photos Masks, Layered Bookshelf Overlays No. 1).

I hope you are ready to turn the spotlight onto one of your favorite photos.  Make sure you grab the freebie pack and post your pages in the Mask Appeal Challenge Gallery before Tuesday, May 21st at 6:00 PM EST.  I will randomly select one individual from that gallery for a $5.00 gift card to the store.  I look forward to seeing your page.  Have fun!

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