March Template Mashup – Life Changes

When life gets very busy, I find it becomes more difficult to document the day to day. Rather unexpectedly, we moved to a new house this month, and I find myself surrounded by boxes and changes, and realize that I have barely taken a photo in the past few weeks. Our entire lives have been uprooted and  although I want to document it, it is difficult to find the time to do so!

Still, I want to document this part of our life, and fortunately with the templates that Designer Digitals create, I am able to do it with very little effort.

This month’s first template mash-up is all about finding creativity in the midst of stress and busyness to be able to document the parts of life that take up our time.

I’ve chosen Katie’s templates, Blendables Layered Templates No. 98:

And Where U Been Canada to capture a small moment amidst the boxes and truckloads to the new place. I don’t really have the time to scrapbook, but somehow it seems important to keep it up despite drowning in boxes!

Here is what I created with the two templates!

I mashed them together to create a page that captures my feelings at this particular moment.(I also added the following products: Boxed Paper Pack No. 01ARTOptions Krafty Paper Pack No.05, Far and Wide Kit, and Taped Together Overlays. I love templates for the fact that the inspiration is there and you only need to customize as much as you need to make it your own. Feel free to use one of the other templates with maps as I know that many of you are not from Canada!

I hope that you’ll join in the challenge mashing up these two templates (or templates with a map that is more relevant for you!) Remember, it doesn’t have to be about a move. It could be any change in your life! Or simply that you fall in love with the blended beauty and flexibility that comes with the many amazing Designer Digital’s templates. I’m excited to see where today’s template mash-up leads you! Be sure to post your page in the Template Challenge  Gallery. If you use 100% DD products, your page qualifies for the rewards program, so don’t forget to post it in the March 2019 Challenge Participation Thread


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