Let’s Blend! Scrapbook Challenge

Starting this month, we are putting a new spin on the Mask Appeal Challenge. There is a new name now and we are calling it “Let’s Blend!” The idea behind it is to give a little more flexibility, while learning some different techniques to give you more options when you are blending your images.

So, with that said, two of my fellow Creative Team members, and myself included, have created some pages to give you some inspiration.

Sharon (Shannamay) clipped her photos to the mask and moved them around so portions peeked out under the framed photos. Use of the cloning tool helped her get the photos looking just like she wanted. Then, she altered the color of the background paper so that her images were blending perfectly.

Here are the products Sharon used on her page: Katie Pertiet: Naturally Krafty No. 01 Paper Pack, Notebook Edge Photo Masks No. 07, Photo Clusters No. 32, Connected Wood Words No. 05, Floriculture Mini Kit, Almost Spring Element Pack, Berks Lane Element Pack.














Debi (beehive50) took another approach and used the page blend to highlight her title work and journaling and then resized it, changed the blending mode and used it as a base for her photos. She stayed true to her style, while adding the blending component to her page. That’s what I love about blending….it works with just about anyone’s style.

Here are the products Debi used on her page: Katie Pertiet: Textured Cardstock: Sea Sand, Page Blends No. 03, Flair Minis No. 01, Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01.


I (jcaruth910) almost always have some sort of blended image on my pages. Justin had sent me a recent photo taken of him with his phone that I really liked, but the quality was poor. So, I first changed the photo to black and white and then got rid of some of the noise in the photo by going to filter, noise, despeckle. Next, I duplicated the photo and clicked on filters, sketch, photocopy and changed the blending mode to soft light. I then changed the blending mode on the black and white photo to multiply. By doing this, I was able to get a little more definition on his face. I knew this was going to be the large photo in the background and I clipped it to the page blend and reduced the opacity to 23%. After that, I added the other photos from the past four years of medical school and placed them in the filmstrip frame.

Here are the products I used on my page: Katie Pertiet: Filmstrip Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Lifelines Element Pack, Grunging Canvas Edgers No. 01, Fresh Vintage Clare Solids Paper Pack, Page Blends No. 03, Splatters No. 03, Faraway Fairyland Solids Paper Pack.  Ali Edwards: Present Moments Brushes and Stamps.


I hope you are feeling inspired! Using the mask provided, and the other two items, if you wish, in the freebie pack and your other Designer Digitals products, post your page in the Mask Appeal Scrapbook Challenge Gallery as well as in the August Challenge Participation Thread to increase your savings at Designer Digitals.  Also, be sure to read over that thread, as there are a few changes in the monthly challenge requirements.  A big thank you to Sharon and Debi for helping me out with their inspirational pages!

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  1. flowersgal says:

    Great work ladies. You are an inspiration and I appreciate a bit of explanation on mask use provided.

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