iTunes Inspired Challenge

For our first 2016 iTunes Challenge I thought I’d go through my own music library and see what jumped out at me as inspiration.

And here you go!

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 18.47.45

As you can see, its got that wood back ground, and numerous fonts – whats not to like? 🙂
(good music too!)

Debi – Beehive50 – was very clever in her design. I can see the cream background, the writing around the circular centre and even the coffee cup handle echoed with her placement of the bulldog clip. Add to that its a fun and happy page too!



Unlike my usual very ‘literal’ lifted pages, my page took on a mind of its and went in a different direction.  I still have the wooden background, and the central image, although mine is rectangular. There is the edge writing too. Plus it happens to be my favourite most recent photograph 🙂

three itunesweb


Katie has a fab freebie as always for this challenge – you can download it here.


Once you have created your pages, please post them in our iTunes Gallery here.


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  1. lea says:

    Thank you for the freebie!

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