iTunes Inspiration Scrapbook challenge

This months iTunes challenge is based on artwork from a group I love myself, and I bet you’ve heard a few of their tunes too.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 22.15.35

It’s an excellent start for multi photo pages, which I often need help with – being a single photo page type of person myself!


Katie has kindly given us a brilliant freebie, its a super useful one I think we will all use a lot too. Have a look at this preview-


And several of Creative Team have made pages to show you just where this inspiration might take you. Don’t forget, there is no right or wrong way to take part in this challenge. Using all DD products, take a look at our chosen starting point and be inspired! The colour, the layout, the whole thing, a tiny part of it… however it takes you.  Then upload your page to our iTunes gallery.

Wendy {aka Wendymck} made this page perfectly! Using favourite trip photos.  Its better than the original cover I think,


And as for this next page… well I miss the sunshine and summer so much! this didn’t help! 😉 Connie {aka Scullen2} created this round up of pure summer fun!



I made this one, and went white instead of dark with the background and frames… Love it. Love how this challenge constantly pushes me in a new direction, creating things I would never have thought of otherwise! My iTunes pages often end up being one of my favourites!



Hope you join in. Cant wait to see your pages 🙂



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