Itunes Inspiration Challenge No. 71

ts a busy spring school break here in my house, so I thought a fast and fun itunes challenge for you would be appropriate!

I like this CD artwork as an inspiration piece.

norah-jones-new-cdYou could fit a lot of journaling on there, or maybe repeat a single word or name, or even use some of the word brushes in store.
You can have a person actually in front of a wall/background, or a cut out picture against plain paper.
You can note the shadowy gradient or ignore it, you can keep to the moody blue or rock it up, with a fresh funkier colour!
Heres how I ended up running with it – not where I was going when I started, but I like how it finished up!

itunesthiswouldbewebI look forward to seeing your pages in the iTunes Gallery, -Happy Easter everyone smile

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