Itunes Inspiration Challenge!

This month’s iTunes inspiration comes from a song that is everywhere – everywhere!- right now. From the super cool Mr Ed Sheeran comes one of his new songs – and striking eye catching CD cover artwork!

I know, totally out of your comfort zone, right? Its okay! Take a deep breath and remind yourself all you have to do is be inspired but this starting point. Jump right in and use all of it, or just a smidgen of it 🙂 It’s all good.

Katie has created the ideal freebie for this, and you can download it right HERE.

Wendy has finally found a perfect way to scrap her favourite selfies – and it looks like this challenge was made for it!

I adore it!

My page began one way and ….took on a whole life of its own and ended up like this –


Now its your turn! Cant wait to see what this inspires you lovely creative folk to come up with 🙂 Please add your page to the iTunes Inspiration gallery so we can be sure to spot them all.

See you in February!


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