inspired by iTunes No.70

An itunes inspiration challenge! yey!
Well, this challenge and I needed a break. I just about ran out of inspiring cd artwork to use too! (please send/message me any good CD covers you come across! Thank you!)
But here we are again smile One of the most popular challenges on the DD blog.

Just in case you’ve forgotten or not played along before, let me remind you how it goes. You take a good look at the inspiration piece from itunes. You make a page inspired by it. You can lift if completely, you can just use one part, whichever way your pages goes smile
You post your creations in the special itunes gallery where we all love looking at them!
And this week I have a great easy piece to inspire you

13643600This is my page, all my coffee shop iphone pictures rounded up smile

itunescoffeeshopwebCant wait to see your take on it!

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