Hybrid Scrapbooking: Summer

With the school year winding down, its a great time to get creative and work on some teachers gifts.  Around here my kids know that means computer time, we love to pull our favorite summer elements and papers to create cards for the teachers (usually with a little gift card inside) or to go with a themed gift bucket the kids put together.  What better way to add that personal touch than creating a little something for that special teacher.

Here are 3 cards we made so far this year:

hybridsummer5104this card goes with a cute little gift tin with a beachy theme.  Here I used:
Katie’s Alandia Tropics Kit and
Anna’s Palm Tree Brushes

hybridsummer5103Xthis card also goes with a gift tin the kids put together.. Here I used:
Jesse’s Beachyness Kit
Katie’s Alandia Tropics Kit
Yarn Swirls 3 Summer
Michelle’s Jelly Alpha 11

hybridsummer5102Xthis card is possibly my favorite, and that is because of what the gift is that we are giving with the card… Here I used:
Katie’s Wooden Alpha
New Growth Brushes 5
Lifted Wings 2
Dog Park Kit
Here is a sneak peek at what the little gifts look like once the kids put them together…

hybridsummer5105Xand not to leave out the classmates, the younger kids selected to make these little gifts..

hybridsummer5106XUsing Katie’s Little Shores Kit
the kids helped make the covers for the bubbles and using Katie’s Pillow Box Templates] and Jesse’s Summertime Brushes
we created a cute little gift for the classmates in kindergarten.  We have done this before and it is such a hit on the last day of school.
Get creative and share your ideas, gifts and ways that you say thank you to those teacher in your life.

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