Hybrid Scrapbooking & More: A Piece of Cake

Hi everybody! Sara Horton here with this week’s hybrid project – a great little treat that even kids can whip up on their own. This one has been a big hit at our house and we’ve given a few away as gifts, too. It’s a perfect summertime treat since you don’t have to heat up the whole house to have a piece of cake. My son likes to make them as after-school snacks, too.


I started by recycling a canister that originally held mixed nuts because I liked the square-ish shape. You can use any container you like, though. Fill the container with a mix of
1 Angel Food cake mix and 1 cake mix any flavor you like. One of the cake mixes MUST be Angel Food cake in order for the recipe to work. We like to use a Chocolate Fudge or Dark Chocolate for the other cake mix, but you can use Spice, or Red Velvet or Yellow cake mix, etc. – whatever your family likes.

Use a ruler to measure your container and decide on a label size.
Open Photoshop or Elements and make a new document that size at 300 ppi.

Next, design your label.

sarahorton_cuppy2_20120614I used Mindy Terasawa’s Cake Bliss kit to fill the document and then typed in the instructions for using the mix.

sarahorton_cuppy3_20120614After this step, I merged the layers and opened a new document at standard paper size in my software. I dragged the label to the new document, duplicated it by pressing Ctrl J (Mac: Cmd J) and arranging the two labels on the document so that I could print two at a time.


To protect the labels, I cut them out and laminated them. Using double-sided sticky tape (the type with a red liner,) I attached the labels to the filled canisters.
Finish it off with a bow around the lid if you like.

What are you creating today? We love to see your projects in the Hybrid Gallery.

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