Hybrid Scrapbooking and More—Making Magnetic Bookmarks

Hi there, everyone!  Janet Long here with a quick idea you could do now, or after the holidays if you don’t have time beforehand.  I can’t believe that Christmas is in just two days.

I have alway loved reading.  I can still imagine the feeling I used to get when I would receive a new Nancy Drew book for Christmas.  There is nothing like snuggling up and reading a good book when it is cold outside.  I don’t quite understand why, but I love it when I finish up reading for a little bit and place a cute bookmark in my book to hold my page.  Every time that I do it I get this little thrill.  I am sure you all probably think I am really silly and well, I probably am.  Anyway, these magnetic bookmarks are especially fun because not only are they a bookmark, but the also contain magnets.  I have always had a fascination with magnets, too.  I love my magnetic pin cushion and my various magnet boards around the house and now I love these little magnetic bookmarks.  They make the sweetest little click when I put them in my book.  I made a bunch for my book club and they all love them, too.

I was totally inspired to do this project by this project by artmidget.  Erica always has such great style and fun ideas.  You can see her bookmarks here:

art_midget_bookmarks_thumbMagnetic Bookmarks

a_web_Magnetic_Bookmarks_blog_post_thumbWhen I make my bookmarks, I do it on a document that is 8 X 10.5.  I place six bookmarks on a page.  Here is a sample of what my page looks like after it is printed. On this particular bookmark I stuck wiggly eyes on the owls with glue dots and that made them extra cute.

a_web_Bookmark-magnetic_owl_thumbI hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and that if you don’t have time to make these bookmarks before Christmas, January would be a perfect time to do so.  Then you can have as much fun as I do when you finish up your reading and place one of these in your book.

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