Hybrid Scrapbooking and More—Making Bookmarks

Besides scrapbooking,  one of the things I love to make using Designer Digitals Products is bookmarks.  One of my favorite summer activities is reading.  I love to sign my kids up for the reading program at our local library.  I love to have a good book to read as we while away the lazy days of summer.  There is just something special about reading a book and then using a fun or beautiful bookmark to hold my place until I can get back to it.

Here is a bookmark I made for the kids at library story time.  It is fun for the kids because they can move the kite up and down on the string that it is attached to.


Products used:  Drawn In Stitches, Scribble Paper Pack

This is a bookmark that can be placed in a book that you are lending out and ask the person you lend it to to write their name and their comments about the book on the inside.  It will also help them remember that the book belongs to you and, hopefully, they will return it as soon as they are finished with it.


Products used: French Summer Kit, File Folder Labels Element, Little Bits Alphabet: Red, Messy Stamped Alphabet No. 06 Brushes and Stamps Value Set, Stitched by Anna Red No. 01, Wooden Alphabet, School Words No. 01 Hand Drawn Brushes, Staple Its!, Stitched by Anna Scalloped Borders No. 01, Basic Paper Alphabet: Orange, Artfully Intense Paper Pack, Artfully Intense Paper Pack, Messy Stamped Numbers and Extras Brushes and Stamps

I hope this will inspire you to get out your Designer Digitals products and make some bookmarks for you, your family and friends and if you do, please upload them to the Hybrid Scrapbooking and More Gallery so we can see your ideas.  Thanks, Janet

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