How to Recolor Embellishments in Photoshop and PSE [Video]

This week’s Adobe Photoshop or Elements tip of the week is now available on video. This weeks tip is on How to Recolor Embellishments in Photoshop and PSE.

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6 Responses to How to Recolor Embellishments in Photoshop and PSE [Video]

  1. Kathleen Chambers says:

    OMG! This is so great. I have been doing this by selecting an item and tweaking the color and it has always been hit or miss. I wish I’d known this a long time ago! Thank you so much.

  2. Stacia says:

    I agree, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s going to transform my scrapbooking life!! 😀

  3. DeLisa says:

    Thank you so much! Wonderful tip! This is going to make my pages look so color-coordinated! 🙂

  4. Karen Clinkinbeard says:

    This is such a great tip! I’ve been using the hue/saturation to change colors for a long time, but not in they way you demonstrated. This is soooo… much better than the way I was doing it. Thank you so much! Appreciate all your wonderful tips.

  5. marlajeanne says:

    I’m using PSE 18. When I open the embellishment, the foreground color chip changes to the color of the embellishment instead of staying the color I clicked with the eyedropper tool. What am I doing wrong?

    • Sara says:

      Marla, try moving the image (that contains the color you want to use) onto your embellishment document. Drag it to the side so you can still see the embellishment too. Use the eyedropper to get the color and then just click the embellishment layer in the Layers Panel to select it (don’t click it on the document.) After the embellishment is recolored, you can hide or delete the image from the embellishment document. That should work.

      Be careful not to click on the embellishment while you have the Eyedropper tool selected – otherwise the embellishment color will be picked up instead of the color you want.

      You can email me at if you get stuck.

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