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Good morning everyone! Welcome to our first Getting To Know You segment for 2012!
I have a real treat for you today. I want to introduce you to one of our cheeriest, most encouraging DD members both in the forums and in the galleries – MINIDEB!!!


Welcome to the blog, MINIDEB! How about you introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Debbie Douglas and I’m 52. I write like I talk . . . I apologize in advance . . . it’s not always easy to read! I made a scrapbook page every day in 2011 . . . kind of like a photo a day but no rules . . .  the picture could be of whatever . . .  from whenever! I just had to try a new technique. It changed my life.
I live in Ohio with my grandmother who is 89 going on 90. I own a duplex, it’s brick. Mamaw uses the downstairs apartment and I use the upstairs one. Mamaw took over the kitchen 3 years ago when she moved in and I lovingly gave it up. In the summertime you will find me at Kings Island or Cedar Point – 2 local amusement parks. I love to travel but that’s on the shelf for the time being – I have been to the Bahamas, Japan, Russia, Germany, Poland. Slovakia, Austria and the Check Rebublic. My interests include reading, taking photo’s, scrapbooking of course, dolls, miniatures, sailing and snow skiing. Professionally I have a MBA from Xavier University. I also have a BS in Accounting and Finance.

I am so interested in your page-a-day 2011 Debbie, but I’ll ask you about that later. First I want to know how you find digital scrapbooking in the first place and then what led you to Designer Digitals??

I found digital scrapbooking via a paper scrapbook crop. Someone had a 12 x 12 digital scrapbook page (I so wish I knew her name and had made a friendship but that did not happen). She had her page printed at Artscow. A 12 x 18 for about $2 and if you did 10 pages shipping would be free. All you had to do was cut off the extra 6 inches. The store closed shortly after so I was on my own. I knew basically how to scan photo pages 12 x 12 and how to place a different photo over top of a layout that I had made by paper so I could have the same page again. I just added a photo and text and did a test at Artscow to see how it would work. That led to photo books for the dolls … I just used my personal stash and kept changing the photos.
In December 2010 I bought a Kindle for myself for my birthday/Christmas present and I bought Becky Flecks Page Maps 2 book and it referenced Little Dreamer Designs and Designer Digitals. LDD had lots of quick pages and I don’t like quick pages, but Designer Digitals had templates and tutorials with layout details. I was in heaven! It was perfect for me!

And that brings us to 2011 and your scrapbook page a day. I can never keep up with the photo a day – how on earth did you manage a page a day???

I didn’t make a page every day – some days I make 4 or 5 some days 0. I lifted almost every page from the gallery. I’d look at what other people did and I copied. I had no rules for myself and I did not intend on printing any of the pages but keeping them digital as if I was doing a picture a day project. When I copied, I looked at what they used; what papers, what elements, what fonts. I lifted a few of your pages! As an example I liked how you multiplied the paper so it looked like the notebook rings showed so when I saw your page I looked at your links and sure enough you listed the tutorial to send me in the right direction. Sometimes I lifted a person right away and sometimes I had to wait to get the kit etc. on sale. My pages are usually pretty simple. I scrap while mamaw sleeps and she sleeps a lot – it gave me a huge boost to my sanity to be creative and at the same time I was quiet.

I know what you mean about the “quiet” and the “sanity” – Claire used to go absolutely ‘spare’ when I set brads in the old paper days, but a creative outlet is so important for carers!
Debbie, This is what you said when you posted your last page for 2011:
“I challenged me to make better pages. Somehow where the journey started and where it ended was with new friendships and an enriched mind and heart. I got a better me. Thank you to all that helped!
3 kits 3 ways force you to try new things. Blending is addicting. Extractions are cool. Templates make life easier. I like scraplifting because I have good taste!
Scraplifting isn’t cheating! Tutorials help to learn something new! Lightbulbs go off when you open your mind to change!
Friendships can occur in the digital world boundries don’t exist – one person’s life is pretty much the same from one country to another
we all can learn from someone else if we just need to want to change to learn to try
Even if I think my page is a work of art – hours invested by the tons not everyone will see it that way, but it’s ok to be a masterpiece in my mind only.
I can be creative my way – It’s my life – my art – my choice.”
I was so very touched by your thoughts Debbie. Can you tell us what do you think was the most exciting discovery you made while you were taking this journey?

I started out to make a better scrapbook page. Along the way I went to the gallery and that started me posting comments and pages and the scrappers at Designer Digitals held my hand and walked me through all the things I wanted to learn. As time went on I started participating in the challenges and pretty soon not only was my name an addict but so was I – I loved keylines and 3 kit 3w challenges. The 30 minute challenges stress me a lot but it is a good stress challenge and I like the challenge. It took awhile but I figured out my own style . . . what I like . . . and then I made friendships along the way. It was a really good year!

I’m so glad that you had such a great year and that we were all part of it!
I’m a bit jealous of all the travelling you’ve done! If you were somehow given a photography assignment to one of those places you’ve been, or maybe somewhere entirely new, where would you choose to go to take your dream shots?

Well if it’s a dream and I would have an unlimited budget – I’d buy a convertible and I’d travel the coast – and look for light houses and enjoy the sea. I’d probably start here in the US and hit Canada. I like warm weather and I like snow so it wouldn’t matter to me what time of the year it was – but I could put my toes in the water a lot better if it was hot! I’d hire a professional photographer to go with me for the first few days and I’d try to take photos their way so I could see through the lens better, so to speak! If I could go back anywhere I’ve been before – I’d take tons more pictures!

Sounds like bliss – on that unlimited budget you could take me along as well!
Debbie, you have experimented with so much over the last year – what have been the 3 most ‘favourite’ DD products you’ve used?

If a journey starts with a single step then these started mine and I use what I learned / or the product a lot!

Cassie’s tutorial Laying It All Out No.17: Mixing things up

Lynn’s Worn Page Edges

and her Inky Dink Page Borders

Pattie’s Fasten Its

and Katie’s Hinge Pack

OK – that’s 5 but I always cheat!

Great products! And we can check out how you’ve used them all by going to your gallery, Debbie!

Right, I’m just going to sneak in one last question, because I’m really curious! What do you have planned (scrapping wise) for 2012? Any projects/albums etc in the works?

I have given a lot of thought to what to do in 2012 regarding my scrapbooking. First off, I want to take a photo a day whether I use it or not – so far so good – I’ve even cheated and have a few to spare already! I want my photos to be better. Second, I want to continue to lift others’ ideas because I still want to try something I wouldn’t naturally do. Next, I’d really like to have a book at the end of the journey. Something I’d be happy to see in print – I’m printing 8 x 8’s. Jean 2 suggested Ali’s Bread and Butter templates, so that’s where I think I’m headed, but I just got a new template from Patti that I think suits my style better. There was a link with lots of suggestions for the 365 project and I read every one. I love Carol’s project 52 and I Love Jana’s 365, as well as so many of the others that are in the gallery. I believe it was Shari AKA B2Halter who said she did 2 layouts a month and somehow I think that’s where I’m headed, but with a page when I need it for emphasis. Next I’m going to participate in the challenges. Saturday’s 30 minutes with Cassie was tough, but it really makes you appreciate how much talent is being used all at the same time with the same set of instructions. This year I’m going to take a few classes too – I’m starting with Jana’s class but I’d like to take a photography class too.

You are going to be busy, Debbie! Have you got a favourite layout in your gallery to share with us?

My favorite layout would be of Clifton Gorge in the fall.

debs_faveIt’s beautiful, Debbie! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we so appreciate your happy, bright personality here at DD, and we LOVE your encouraging comments on our work!! You have quickly become a very valued member of our DD community. Thank you so much for your friendship here at DD and we wish you an even better 2012!

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