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Hello everyone! I’m sure you’ve noticed the refreshing, colorful, well designed scrapbook pages by KimR+ in our Designer Digitals Gallery. She’s active in our forums, too, so, I’m delighted to help you all get to know Kim even better.


First, I’ll let Kim introduce herself.

I live in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. This summer my husband and I will celebrate our eleventh anniversary. We have two daughters, Talisa just turned six, and my baby (will I ever stop calling her that), Kira, will be three in May. I grew up with a deep love for music. For as long as I can remember I’ve been singing. My mom put me in dance when I was young, and then in high school, I competed in two show choirs. My junior year we even competed at the Epcot Center at Disney World…and took first place! I’ve also played the piano since I was in first grade. I’ve instilled music in my daughter’s lives as well! There’s almost always music on somewhere in the house. This past summer I joined a meal exchange group with some friends and I just love it! I make 8-10 of the same meal each month, we get together, and I come home with 8-10 different meals. It’s so fun trying out different foods and we’ve found a few new favorites to add to our menu. I’ve also come to the realization that I like baking rather than cooking. I’m definitely a fan of sweets! Another big love of mine is photography! I got my first DSLR back in July 2010, and I’ve enjoyed playing with it since! I don’t feel like I’m that good yet, there is still so much to learn! With my project 366, which recently turned to Project Life, I’m really hoping to improve my photography! It’s fun, and crazy, to see how many pictures I take each month!

I wish I was more into photography when I had young children like you have, Kim. It’s going to be wonderful for you to have all those photos and creating scrapbooks is a good way to make sure the photographs are enjoyed for years to come. Did you start out as a paper scrapper and then discover digital scrapping?

After Kira was born I was visiting with a friend and I asked her about digital scrapbooking. She kept posting these amazing pages on her blog and I was intrigued. We sat there and talked about it for a long time. I came home, purchased some magazines with tips, downloaded photoshop, and then found and watched some technique videos here at Designer Digitals!  I did start with paper scrapping! Didn’t we all? LOL! My grandma would always send me these beautiful books that she made the cover with fabric, and the pages were purple construction paper. I would tape or glue in the different things going on in my life, such as all the playbills from musicals I was in and the programs for show choir competitions. After I got married, I started scrapbooking with the fun papers, cutting my pictures, and a million embellishments. I was really bad at keeping up to date and I wasn’t a fan of the bulky books and having to cut my pictures and papers. If and when I messed up, there was no turning back, I had to keep going. Digital scrapbooking is such a dream come true!!

I’ve admired the hybrid projects you’ve recently shared in our Hybrid Gallery. Have you always been interested in crafts or home decorating projects?

Thanks so much, you are so sweet!! Well, I also used to be really big into stamping and making cards, so I’ve done a lot of that. As for being crafty, it’s just not in me! My mom gave me a sewing machine last year, and I hate to say it, but it’s down in the storage room…still in the box. I do however love looking at Pinterest and seeing all of the amazing things that people have made. I even have a board “to be created!” We’ll see if and when I ever make something. The few projects that I have done were really fun and I love them, especially the valentines advent!

I’ve lived in one place ever since I was 10 years old, but, I’ve noticed you’ve lived in many different places in your young life so far. Do you feel settled where you live now and is there any other place in the world you’d like to live or visit?

My dad was in the military growing up, so that’s why we moved around a lot. The longest I ever lived in one place was seven years! When I first moved to Utah, I couldn’t wait to leave. It was the hardest move of my life. During our first few years of marriage, I kept talking to my husband about moving. He was born and raised here in Utah. The only time he lived anywhere else was in South Africa (Durban), for two years, when he served a mission for our church. Last year when my husband was laid off due to the Salt Lake office closing, we talked about moving out of state. However, I didn’t want to anymore. I told him if we did leave, I wanted to come back in a few years. Most of our family is here and we’ve made so many good friends. I didn’t get to grow up with family nearby and I would love for my kids to have that privilege!

I love to travel! Well, I love visiting other places, I really don’t like flying. I would love to travel around Europe, go back to Hawaii and visit different islands. We’ve gone to the Caribbean a few times, but there are so many other islands that look and sound so fun! It would also be fun to go to South Africa where my husband served his mission. Are you ready for this one? I’ve never been to Disneyland! Just Disney World the one time, and I was only able to go since it was for my high school show choir competition! I would love to take my girls to Disneyland and spend a few days! A few other places I would like to take them are the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. We take an annual trip to Denver to spend time with family! It’s a great little get away and we have such a good time there! It’s hard to take bigger trips with my oldest. She has food allergies and so the unknown of restaurants in an unknown area is tricky. We’re hoping for good test results this summer making it easier…but I’ve said that the last few years too!

I hope you get to take the girls to Disney World or Disney Land someday, Kim. It’s my understanding that the Disney hotels and restaurants are very open to catering to the different needs of children on special diets. I’d sure like to see how you would scrap Disney photos because your pages are always so colorful and your layering so excellent. Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Can you see me blushing?? Such a compliment, thank you! Inspiration comes in so many ways!! I truly love spending time here in the gallery and seeing the different pages everyone posts! I love seeing the different techniques and uses of things in ways that I would never imagine! I also find inspiration around the internet, places like Pinterest! Sometimes I’ll be going about my day and I’ll say to myself “that would make a fun page!” I also keep a list of a few different ideas of what I want to work on! When the right challenge comes along, I can cross one off!

I agree that we have a very inspirational galley at Designer Digitals and it’s thanks to members like you who share your ideas with us. I’m always curious about when busy moms like you find the time to scrap and what software and equipment do you use?

Does all day count? Honestly, I don’t ever have a good time to sit down like I’d like to with two little ones. The time I usually get to sit down and have some “me time” is when my youngest is asleep; my oldest has her homework done, piano practice complete, etc. Then she gets a little screen time herself or plays with a friend! Some days I don’t ever get time so when they go down for the night I get to play, that’s if my husband is busy and I don’t get to spend time with him. I have Lightroom 3 and CS5. I only use LR for importing my photos though. And I use CS5 for editing all my photos (because with me behind the camera, they need to be edited), and for all the scrapbooking!

It’s been a pleasure to chat with you, Kim. One last question. What layout would you like to share with us from your gallery?

I usually consider my most recently completed page my favorite. I just love the feeling of completing something, sitting back and thinking, “now that’s what I had in mind!!” Or at times, “that turned out better than I expected!!” And don’t worry, there are plenty of times when I start a page and it never gets finished since I don’t like how it’s turning out!  Right now one of my favorite, or I should say, one that I was really excited about completing is my “Top Five” layout!

Thank you, Kim! Here’s the layout Kim chose to share. It was created for Steph’s All About Me Challenge.
Kim’s Top Five

Top-Five-wI strongly suggest that everyone visit Kim’s gallery at Designer Digitals for even more great ideas. Here’s the link!
KimR+ Gallery

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