Getting To Know You – Christine (CCofOhio)

Good morning everyone! Ready to get to know someone a little better?

AKAcard_ChristineI asked this DD member to introduce herself and here’s what she had to say:

My name is Christine (aka CCofOhio). I am married to a wonderful man, John, and have two beautiful boys; Von is 14 yrs old and Jack is almost 8 yrs old. We live in a small suburb called Rocky River. It is about 15 minutes West of Cleveland, Ohio. I worked in finance for over 15 years but it always felt like just a job. When Von was 6 yrs old, he was diagnosed with being on the Autism spectrum. I was plunged head first into the wild and wonderful world of special education and found my calling. It would take several years and some life-altering changes to go back to school. In 2009, my only sibling, my brother Jim, died of cancer. One month later I was permanently laid off from my job. Jim’s death reminded me how brief life might be and that I need to follow my dreams and do what I love. I am happy to report that I not only went back to school but I graduated with honors in May. I discovered that I really like college and will be continuing in the fall to get my Masters. No stopping me now!

Good for you, Christine!!!

How did you come to scrapping, and the world of digital in particular?

I have always been interested in art. My mother is a talented, natural artist. She has always encouraged my drawing since I was very little. She took me to Cleveland’s Museum of Art often and never said no to buying art supplies. I credit my two sister-in-laws for getting me hooked on scrapping. They were Creative Memories reps when I started dating their brother. Within a year of starting, I became a rep too. I loved my time with CM and met so many wonderful people through scrapping. My one sister-in-law, Lisa (aka MeEmMom) introduced me to Designer Digitals in 2008. I feel in love! Digi-scrapping combines my interest in technology and art/design/scrapping. I LOVE digi-scrapping and DD. DD has introduced me to such an open, diverse, supportive, and talented group of kindred spirits. I am proud to be part of this community.

I’ve loved looking through your gallery, Christine! Your pages are so varied and interesting. Where do you get your scrapping inspiration from? What’s your usual process – story first/photo first/challenge driven??

I am definitely influenced by other scrappers pages; either at DD or in scrapbook magazines. I almost never lift directly. I try to make the page more “me”. I love to try the challenges and lifts here at DD because they make me try styles that are not necessarily my own. I also have been influenced by everyday things like packaging and print ads. I might see a color combination I like or patterns and textures that work well together. Most of my pages start with a photo or photos and go from there.

Now you KNOW I’m going to ask you this one! What are your 3 favourite DD products at the moment? Any that you can’t seem to do a page without?

Probably my all time fav has to be Katie’s Rounded Corner Clipping Masks. If you look through my pages, you’ll see they are used frequently for photos and papers. The white paper from the Ingrid Kit is another favorite. It is the perfect shade of white. Little Plastic Flowersis another element I find myself adding for just a little pop of color.

Aaah – I don’t think I have the Ingrid Kit – I may just have to invest – love me a good white paper!
Christine, I’m guessing that while you’re in college, it’s hard to find scrapping time? Or is it a necessary relaxation time for you? I suppose I’m asking, how do you find the time? You must be very busy anyway with your boys?

It was very hard to find time to scrap when I was at school full time. I always took very few photos. The hardest part is that my classes were constantly changing which meant my schedule was changing as well. I work better with a consistent routine to make sure I have specific scrapping time scheduled.

So Christine, can you indulge in a little holiday dreaming? If you could take a holiday anywhere in the world – money no object, but with scrapping in mind – where would you go?

The Republic of the Maldives without question. I love tropical vacations and the photos I’ve seen are nothing short of pure paradise. Picture white, white sand and blue, blue water…..aaaahhhhhh!

Ooooh – sounds blissful! But, back here at home, are there any galleries here at DD that you are especially fond of browsing?

My favorites file is filled with many terrific pages by a wide variety of DDers. But if I have to choose it would be a tie between Kelly (mugsbigsis) and Kathie (Kathie02). Kelly’s pages are always so unique, creative and heartfelt. Kathie’s photography skills just floor me. (I also love seeing Buddy, the world’s most photogenic dog!)

No arguments from me on that one!!! What about your gallery, Christine? What page is your favourite?

Of my pages, I think I like “King of Swing” because of the simple, linear design and color combination.

swingkingIt’s very cool, Christine! Thank you so much for being part of our community here, and spending time with us today!

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