Get Artsy with Digital Scrapbooking: Brushing Out

I don’t know if you have noticed, but lately the gallery is full of these wonderful pages that extend the photo onto the canvas via the use of brushes. Kelly (mugsbigsis) is doing a marvelous job, let me show you one example here. Instead of using the photo itself by blending part of it into the background I encourage you to use brushes (or pieces of paper, like Kelly did) to extend the main focus of the photo past the frame. I must admit that at first my own challenge had me stumped 🙂 but once I found a photo I thought was appropriate, it didn’t take me long to find the right kind of brushes to add. Katie created a little “brush freebie to use if you like or you can find your own. (As an FYI, there is another really cute Mixed Bag coming out soon 😉
Here are a few more examples of what I had in mind. This is Linda’s (Earlofoxford) page:
Isn’t it just awesome? See how she used the artpack on the left side to extend the pier? She told me she has never used this many brushes on a page 🙂 I love the result, very artistic indeed. Here is the (lengthy) list of supplies she used:
K. Pertiet: Classic Cardstock:Into the Night, Fresh Vintage: Clare Solids PP, Chevron Cardstock: Citrus Berry Value Pack, Baby Blush Solids PP, Alandia Tropics element Pack, Watery Brushes and Stamps #2, Clean Clusters and Parts#2, Watery Bookshelf: Dots #1, Multimedia Dots #1, Letter Box Honeycomb Brushes and Stamps #1, Mixed Bag Brushes and Stamps #3, Letter Box Brushes and Stamps #4, Letter Box Pattern Clusters Brushes and Stamps #4, Charted Brushes and Stamps #1, Watery Corners and Edges, Vintage Photo frames #19, Watery Photo Masks #3, Pinned: Wood Veneers #1, Artpacks Brushes and Stamps: Structures #1, Ledger Grids #3, Photo Corner Colors #2, Drop Shadow Styles #2   L. Grieveson: Inky Dink Page Borders
Kathie’s wedding crasher page is another beauty
I love how she mimicked the string from the balloons on the right and the dotted paper repeats the balloon theme. I love how she extended the building and chairs. What a great effect! Here is what she used:
K.Pertiet: Artsy Lopsy Layered Frames #1 (coming soon), Fading Dots PP (coming soon), Curated Studio Mix #5 (coming soon), Fresh Vintage: Clare Scrapbook Collection, Cardstock Bundle: Tital Wave PP, Spot Dots Brushes and Stamps #8, Pencil Line Twists #1, Watery Painted Adventure, Page Blends #5  L. Grieveson: Geometric Hints Brushes and Stamps   A. Edwards: Photography
Chrissy (kikimama) came up with an awesome example.
She first extended the photo somewhat and then found some trees to add to the sides. I love the effect, just beautiful! Here is her list:
K. Pertiet: Fresh Vintage Albia solids paper pack;
mixed stack descriptors no4;  Arlesey kit; basic trees no1;
Finley kit;  Folia kit; Fresh vintage clare element pack;
inked whimsy no1; leather flowerettes; silver basics paper pack no2; Spring flourishes brushes; vintage photo frames no34;  watery washes no3; wire rimmed charmed alpha;
MBS: Patterned palette no4;
And finally here is my page.

I was able to find those awesome barren tree brushes and the grasses to extend my photo. I had fun with it and created a little scene. Here is what I used:
L. Grieveson: Hansel kit(tree)
K. Pertiet: mixed bag #7, fresh vintage albia solids,
fresh vintage albia washi clusters, fresh vintage albia elements, Mixed bag #2, Mixed bag #4, vintage photo frames #23, pocket cards quotes #1 Wordart.
Don’t forget the new rewards program. Make sure to check it out 🙂
And finally, once you created your beautiful artwork, please upload them to the Artsy Gallery so that we can find them. I hope you will enjoy this new challenge!

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  1. Lois says:

    Love the examples but I sure could use a tutorial on how to achieve these kind of results!
    Any chance you could do a step by step tutorial on how this is done?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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