Finding just the Right Page Template

Best Digital Scrapbook Layered Templates

Looking for just the right page template?

We have over 3300 layered page templates and those numbers grow every week! Searching through them can be quite a task so we have recently started tagging templates with the number of photos that they allow for! We haven’t gone back into all the thousands of previously released but the most current are tagged!

Try these searches to find just what you’re looking for!

Photo Books and Albums

1 Photo Pages

2 Photo Pages

3 Photo Pages

4 Photo Pages

5 Photo Pages

6 Photo Pages

7 Photo Pages

Multi Photo Pages

Have fun looking around and get scrapping! We’ll see you back here at DesignerDigitals!

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2 Responses to Finding just the Right Page Template

  1. Jean Conlin says:

    I’ve always tagged mine when I download them but as far as search on DD…thanks so much. Will be a tremendous help!

  2. Kathleen Chambers says:

    Great help thank you

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