Documenting Stories about Mom

Scrapbook stories of mom

Mother’s Day is this weekend and that gets me thinking…

We scrapbook our children. We scrapbook our grandchildren. We scrapbook ourselves.

But how much do we know about our moms before we came along?

What was their childhood like? Where did they live? Where did they go on vacations?
What were their school years like? Their first job? So many questions!

documenting stories of mom

I consider myself quite lucky. My mom kept scrapbooks of her photos. Unfortunately there weren’t many stories documented but I do have the photos and I still have my mom here to ask questions and document some of those stories.

Mother’s Day weekend is a great reminder to document your mom’s stories of her life before you! And if you’re mom is no longer with you, then think about your own story before you became a mom and start documenting that for future generations. At some point someone in your family *will* be interested in knowing more about you and it’s a great lesson in self discovery too! Check out the My Story series of products to help get you started!

And if you’re visiting with your mom this weekend, jot down some questions to ask her. Ask her to bring out old photo albums and get to know your mom’s story before you came along!

There are so many good reasons to scrapbook! Document your story today!

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