Discoveries: Template Mash Up Scrapbooking Challenge

Discoveries are among life’s greatest treasures! I’m hoping to bring some scrapbooking discoveries your way today with a new Template Mash Up Challenge! One of Katie’s recent products really caught my eye as a beauty–I love the colors, the theme, the overall ‘look’ of the template. By performing just a bit of customization and adding some gorgeous brush work and elements from a Layer Works template, I was able to turn one of my favorite photos from our summer vacation into a lovely and personal memory page for my daughter’s scrapbook.

My mash up turned out like this:

The only product I used beyond the two featured templates is a piece of background paper from the Batty Mini Mix Solids Paper Pack.

I changed the size and aspect ratio of the photo frame and mask from the Discoveries template by simply using the move took in photoshop. I’ve found that as long as the changes to the ratio aren’t too extreme (making the frame look distorted), this can increase the versatility of a template and make it work with a particular photo I have in mind. I deleted the second photo frame and a few of the elements, since I planned to use only one photo, and I wanted to keep a strong focus on that photo. I moved the title and a few of the background elements. I added in some brushwork from the Layer Works template, since I liked the colors and softness of those brushes better with my photo. I also added the pencil line loop and used resized buttons from the Discoveries Template positioned as they had been on the Layer Works. I duplicated one of the word strips, then used the healing brush of Photoshop to make it ‘blank’ and add my own text.

A mash up challenge provides you with the opportunity to blend and mash two templates, using any combination of elements from the two of them in whatever way that inspires you! You can also add any other products to complete your page. If you use all currently available DD products, your layout will earn you credit in our rewards program. The rewards program details are all explained in the October Challenges Participation Thread.

I hope that you’ll consider playing along! I’d love to see what you create. Please share your pages in the Template Challenge Gallery!

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  1. Kathleen Chambers says:

    For your layout to qualify, doe you have to use the two templates shown?

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