DesignerDigitals Is Celebrating 10 Years Strong!


It’s hard to believe, but DesignerDigitals, the best scrapbooking site ever, is turning 10 on April 1st. Congratulations to Katie and Randy for creating such a warm and welcoming community full of inspiration, innovation, and artistry. We’re all the recipients of their hard work, and we wish them many more years of success.

To celebrate DesignerDigitals’ birthday, we have some exciting activities planned:
10 fun challenges with winners receiving a one-time $10 store coupon and a grand finale challenge whose winner will receive a $10 store coupon for TEN weeks.
Because these challenges come with their own prizes, participation in them does not count toward the rewards program.

When a new challenge begins, the leader of that challenge will announce it in the forum, and you will have two days to complete the challenge before a random winner is selected. Here is the schedule for the challenges we’ve planned for you:

Friday, March 27
Post links to your 10 favorite kits in the forum thread – led by Merr (digigrandma)
Scrap the number 10 – led by Kim (KimR+)

Saturday, March 28
Scrap a page using 10 different alphas – led by Chrissy (kikimama)
Scrap a page using 10 words in your journaling – led by Brenda (bbe)

Sunday, March 29
Scrap 10 years ago / 10 years from now – led by Liz (lizj)
Post links to your 10 favorite templates in the forum thread – led by Connie (scullen2)

Monday, March 30
Post links to your 10 favorite element packs in the forum thread – led by Pam (blkcow)
Scrap a page with a birthday theme – led by Joanne (jcaruth910)

Tuesday, March 31
Scrap a task-oriented page (p is for party, etc.) – led by Liz (lizziet5)
Post links to your 10 favorite brush sets in the forum thread – led by Lindsay (bessysue581)

Wednesday, April 1
Scrap a page using 10 and only 10 products

Are you in scrapping heaven yet?
There is a special gallery in which you can post the pages you create for the challenges. Make sure to title your page with the challenge so that the leader can easily identify it.

Put your party hat on, and scrap, scrap, scrap! Good luck, everyone!

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