December’s iTunes Inspiration Challenge

A bit of a change this month-

To make it a special Christmas challenge we’ve got not one but two inspiration starting points for you!

And of course they are from Christmas music too! Theres certainly plenty of great Christmassy starting points on iTunes right now.

You can decide to create two pages, just like I have, or pick just one that appeals most to you. Theres no right or wrong way to do this, just let the starting points inspire you and take you outside your normal comfort scrapping zone.Ā Its great fun!

Don’t feel you need to make either of them Christmassy however, I made sure they will work as great everyday pages too! And if you’re as busy as me/the rest of the team/everyone in the world, feel free to wait til after Christmas to make a page! Every year I swear I will do less and take it easier but… ha! šŸ˜‰


The first starting point is

A fun album to listen to, but really quite striking and modern in design. I know some of you really can rock the modern page, so I look forward to seeing what you create!

I can’t really keep my pages clean andĀ simple. It just doesn’t come naturally to me, so heres what this page ended up with me…


As for our next starting point – its the other end of the scale as its super arty. Ā And a regular on our Christmas medley list!


LOVE the colours here, so thats where it inspired me to go… take a look at my page –


Katie has a freebie or a brilliant selection of things you might find useful, I used all the freebies acrossĀ my two pages. Ā You can download the link from here.


We have our own iTunes Inspiration Gallery so please put all your pages there for us to see.

I am happy to receive all suggestions for starting points for iTunes ChallengeĀ – make sure its is available on iTunes and send me a link or screen shot. I’m running low on pages to use so please do so!

Merry Christmas šŸ™‚


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