Art Journal Inspiration Nov 2014

Hello again.

How often have you taken a photo of yourself in order to use on an art journal page? In a piece of art?

This week I’d like to challenge you to consider taking a photo of yourself or have someone take your picture or part of you (foot/hand/eye/face) in order to visualize the concept or feeling you want to create.

I used this photo of me in this page. I put the camera on a tripod, found a thin white piece of cloth and put it on my head – then let the camera shoot. As you see I also made it into a black and white.


I often photograph all sorts of textures that I see when I am out walking with my camera. Painted walls, rusty junk, grass, clouds, dirt, whatever I think I might use on a page.So I found a recent photo that I wanted to use on this page to create some grunge.



I like to use a background paper and chose one of Katie’s Old Ledger Neutral paper pack. It doesn’t matter too much which paper I choose in a page like this, as I use photos that add a lot of texture and grunge. Other pages might need a background paper with more texture.

Here is a shot of my layers so you can get an idea of how I worked.


I love using Katie’s blendable elements and papers. In this page I used her Pocket Cards Painted Butterflies no 1.  I only used some of the layers and in some of the layers I added a layer mask and brushed out areas I didn’t want.  Here is my final page:


So there you go.  Think of a concept or theme, go take a photo that represents it, try to use yourself and then go create some art – have fun with photos, layers, blending, masks, colors and brushes.  Be sure to share with the rest of us in our Art Journal Gallery.

Until next time ~ be safe.     ~Aino.



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