Art Journal Inspiration #6

Today’s challenge takes a new turn. They call it in literature an interior monologue. It’s also called “a stream of consciousness”. According to Wikipedia it’s “a narrative device used in literature to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind.” I was taught about it when reading Virginia Wolf, if I recall correctly.  I now learned from the Wikipedia article that it was a gentleman called William James who first coined the term in 1890. He was a a psychologist and a philosopher.  I am neither, but I do appreciate the power of this narrative method and  I used it on my page here:


I sat down by my computer and my heart and head was racing for so many reasons. I just let them flow onto the page. The words. In a mumble jumble exactly as they dropped into my mind. It is a wonderful cathartic way to release tension.  Writing down words as they arrive, plopping them down on the page and not worrying about coherence, sentences or grammar.

If you worry about other people reading it (and not wanting them to think of you as a crazy old bat), then you can always cover up the writing with elements, papers, vellum, brushwork, your digital gesso or some other creative way. You can also change the opacity so you can barely see the text. Another option is to stick the sentences close together or even overlapping like I did. I hope this might inspire you to use this fantastic technique in your next Art Journal page – try it. It’s good for so many reasons.  🙂

Until next time – take time to post your wonderful artsy pages in our Art Journal Gallery. I always look forward to seeing your pages.

~ Aino.

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