Art Journal Inspiration #3

It is a new year. I love the feeling of endless opportunities that a new year gives me. It’s the same feeling I get when I buy a new notebook, or a new box of colored pencils, or open a blank page in Photoshop. Where will this page take me?  For today’s AJ inspiration I knew that I wanted to use the wooden hearts and to paint on the heart – this was an idea I had the other day. I also knew that I wanted to “cut” the heart out of wood  – this was in idea I got from a scrapbooking page I saw by a dear friend of mine called Fiona. Having these two ideas in mind I got to work and looked through my stash for a wood paper that had the same color and wood look as the wooden heart. I was really happy about the paper I found. I twisted and turned it a little so the wooden age lines fit with those of the heart.

 Then I selected the heart to get the “marching ants” around it. I wanted the cut-out to be slightly larger than the heart and thus went to Select > Modify> Expand and entered 5 to make the selection slightly bigger. I then made sure I was in the wood paper layer and hit delete. This cut out the heart. Then I moved the heart itself a little off to the side.

I decided to use Katie’s wonderful Crated Wings paper pack (**Coming soon**) with the butterflies on them. I often use butterflies in my pages as a symbol – their meaning changing accordingly to what page I make. 🙂

 Now the fun part…. Gesso and paint without getting my hands dirty. I can easily keep my coffee cup in my hands and paint away happily.

I wanted to cover the butterflies, in order to make them less obvious. I also knew that I wanted to write something on this part of the page. I still was not aware of what “message” or what title I was going to use. But while I was painting my head was busy searching for a connection with the recent day’s emotions and what I wanted to tell myself with this page. While I was painting a grunge frame around the edge, I all of a sudden realized which direction this was going. I recalled something I had mentioned in a conversation about keeping things within the frame and voila – I had my title.

Feeling satisfied with the gesso and paint, I wanted to use some ephemera to create some depth. While looking through Katie’s Ephemera Torn Strips **coming soon**  I saw one with a big door and that spoke to me, so on the page it went. I added a light shadow to it and painted above it so make it less obvious.

From there things took on a life its own…. as my pages often do at this point. I found an alpha that I liked and stamped in the word “frame” changing the size of the letters as I went. A small scribble at the bottom and I wrote the rest of the title with a font called AR Christy that I feel look like something I could have written myself with a marker.

I needed some contrast color and thought a deep red would be good. I found the watery, dripping brushes in Katie’s Artsy Layered blends and loved how this looked on the page. I added a little under the torn ephemera to contrast it and “lift” it a little more off the page. I also added a little in the heart opening to add a little interest.

Now the words came pouring out and I jotted them down quickly, using the same marker font to keep things clean.

I felt that the page was coming together and was weighing back and forth if the page needed more “weight” or more symbolism to feel complete. I decided against it but recalled that there was one thing I had forgotten to do. I selected the heart again, made a new layer above it, found me some splattered brushes and splattered some white and red paint on top of the heart.

There. Now it was finished and I smiled. I could go to bed and feel at peace. Some part inside me felt replenished. Weird how doing a little bit of artsy fun can be so therapeutic.


Go and create some delightful personal pages and please feel free to upload to our own Art Journal Gallery so that we all can share your creativity. Until next time – may you find peace at heart and in your soul.   ~ Aino.

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