Art Journal Inspiration #2

Hello again!  I want to thank all of you who took the time to upload your pages to our AJ Gallery – it is so heartwarming and touching to see your pages. I love to see where your creativity takes you. Please, don’t be afraid to join in and share with the rest of us. We don’t normally bite. In fact, it can be quite refreshing to bare yourself, throw all caution to the wind and upload a personal page. Who knows, perhaps your piece of creativity can help someone else.


Here is the write up of a page I made this month.

First page  I picked one of Lynn’s bg paper and decided to turn it.

I then added my photo. A photo I took of myself and played with in Photoshop filters and Alienskin filters I have. I will usually add my photo or point of interest following the Rule of Thirds.

Then I added some masks (messed up photo blocks no 11). I added three of them, because I knew I wanted to “cut” the photo into three pieces.

I ended up adding another background paper… this red one also by Lynn.

Then I copied the photo so I had three of them and placed the black masks where I wanted them. I adjusted their sizes a little to fit and then clipped one photo to each mask. I played  around with the blending modes while at the mask layer and ended up liking Darker Color as blending mode.

Then it is time to get to work. At this point, my page took on a life of it’s own and I forgot about taking screen shots and writing down my steps. It just totally  left me until the point when I felt “Now” the page is finished. I will therefore have to go back and unwind the steps I took. Disregard therefore the long list of layers on the right side on the following photos.

The next thing was to find my Gesso brushes and slap on some gorgeous strokes of white goodness. I erased some of the white gesso underneath the photo.

I then took a small round brush and doodled with my Wacom tablet pen around the edges and wrote down some words that popped into my head. I added some more scribbles by Katie.

The page was about my feelings concerning a recent incident that left me feeling hurt and angry and torn inside (why can other women’s harsh words get to us??), so I wanted to convey this by splitting the photo in pieces, but I needed something else to lay on top of my page to create dimension. I scrolled through my stash and ended up pulling over the cork frames. I off set two of them on the page to further emphasize the split/torn imagery.

I knew I wanted a circular element some where on the page, to symbolize the continuity in life. (“Life goes on despite what happened”) and when I opened a folder in my stash called Clocks, I knew I wanted one of the clock hands on my page in relation to a circular element. It also enhances the dimension of the page when I lifted it with a shadow.

I stumbled on some Katie word art and removed the part that wasn’t applicable (“my reason”) and I added some cut-outs that spoke to me. Now for the circular part…. I instinctively felt it needed a stitched circle and that’s where I went. I then added random stamped numbers to signify time that passes but in a random way. I added some short journaling in the second frame. The last touch was to add water drop splatters and some textured brushwork here and there. Again, remember you can play around with the opacity of the layer and/or with the blending mode to change how the brushwork looks.

You can see I chose to use strong emotional colors on this page, the blue and the orange/red are within the Complimentary and Split Complimentary relations on the color wheel.

So here is my final page:

I hope I might have encouraged and inspired you to try out Art Journaling. I want to remind you that there are no rules here. I read a few comments about how much time you spent on a page…just because I like to work quickly, doesn’t mean that’s always the right choice for you. I tend to work quickly in all things I do. What I do mean, is that you should work intuitively and with spontaneity – don’t worry about the end result. Worry only inhibits the flow. Let worry go and let your mind be at ease. Until next time – take care.


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