Saturday Scraplift: Seeing Circles

Happy Saturday!! I’m so excited to bring you the Saturday Scraplift this week! I’ve always been a big fan of the simple CIRCLE in scrapbooking! This week we are lifting this fabulous page by Ernie88! I loved the patterned paper in a circle, the rays of sunshine pointing right at the sweet photo, and the design in the center of the page.



Our team created some absolutely stellar pages to lift Erin’s page!

Agnieszka created this page and ran with the “Sunshine rays” and came up with a beautiful page showcasing this lovely photo!


Agnieszka used the following DD products: Pie Charts Layered Templates No. 01
Good Day Art Option **coming soon**Slide Reels No. 01 (you can also find it in Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 21), Arlesey Element Pack, Fresh Vintage: Clare Element Pack, Multimedia Bursts No. 01, Jaspia Scrapbooking Collection, Bloese Scrapbooking Collection, Stamped Stitched: Summer Brushes and Stamp

Kim also lifted Erin’s page and came up with this beauty! Flawless use of elements!!


Kim used the following DD products: Cathy Zielske: Dotted and Dashed Brushes and Stamps Katie Pertiet Assorted Messy Stitches: White No. 01, Baker’s Twine: Sea, Blocked Out Photo Frames No. 01 Brushes and Stamps, Bloese Element Pack, Musical Epoxies No. 01, Musically Quoted Brushes and Stamps, Pie Charts Layered Templates No. 01, Rope Line, Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01, So Fine Complete Scrapbooking Collection, Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Striping with Navy Paper Pack, Thicker Inked Words Brushes and Stamps No. 04, Twisted Dots No. 01 Maplebrook Studios Layla Paper Pack Studio Double-D Layer Works No. 411

And Debi jumped in with this gem! Featuring our very own Esther & Carol too :)


Debi used the following DD products on her page: Katie’s Good Day Collection, Sumi Twists, Watery Sentiments #1 and Watery Scribbles #5. Grey Matters #2 is the paper!

There are many elements on Erin’s page to be inspired by! I do hope you will join in the fun and create a page with us, and post it in the Saturday Scraplift Gallery! Remember to enter your pages using all Designer Digitals Products to the April Challenge Thread to count towards your REWARD!

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DesignerDigitals Hot Page of the Week, April 25, 2015

This week the HOT PAGE of the week is a stunner by Kim! I love her cluster of elements that express such great energy and the excitement of the moment. The close up of the cool bike is unexpected with the blended action shot in the background. Just perfect. Well done Kim!

Hello Happiness


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Watery Typecast Sentiments Brushes at DesignerDigitals

Happy Weekend! Right?! Some downtime ahead? How about some scrapbooking? We have everything you need to document your memories in style including 28 new products to inspire you! This includes one priced at just $ 99 cents and the rest 20% off, all until Midnight EST on Tuesday.

Have you tried our Layer Works Layered Templates? They are so awesome and just packed with elements and clusters and inspiration too! This week we have a video tip showing how easy they are to work with and they are ALL ON SALE 40% OFF! So now’s the time to try them!! Sale price excludes this weeks templates which are now 20% off. Sale runs through Midnight EST on Tuesday.

And here is the NEW $ 99 cent item priced this way until Midnight EST Tuesday ONLY! Watery Typecast Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 01


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Essential Skills for Working with Layer Works Templates [Video]

This week’s Adobe Photoshop or Elements tip of the week is now available on video. This weeks tip is on Essential Skills for Working with Layer Works Templates.

Studio DD Layer Works Templates

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Let’s Blend Challenge – Watery Scribbles Brushes

Welcome to April’s Let’s Blend Challenge. I love Katie’s Watery Scribble Brushes. They can be used as an accent or a clipping mask, making them very versatile. So, I thought we might play a bit with them this month.

Here is some inspiration from the Creative Team to help get the creative juices flowing:

Anke clipped a striped paper to one of the scribbles to accent a beautiful photo of her daughter. She also used the other one as brushwork in the background and it all pops off the dark blue paper.

Products used: Katie Pertiet:  Simple Classics No. 05 Kit (frame)
Fine Line Twists No. 01, Watery Scribbles Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Dictionary Blendables: Spring No. 01, Good Day Scrapbooking Collection.


Sarah used the scribble as paint strokes to highlight a gorgeous photo she took of tulips in Seattle. I love how she duplicated the brush numerous times and changed the colors to create a paint brush look.

Products used: Katie Pertiet: Watery Typecast Sentiments No.1, Spring Fields Complete Scrapbooking Collection, Hinge Pack, Studio Double D: Readymade Borders: Love N. 03, Lynn Grieveson: Kibblewick Kit, Margot KitWatery Scribbles Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Dictionary Blendables: Spring No. 01.


I started my page with one of Katie’s templates and modified it by using the brush as a clipping mask for the photo of Justin. Switching things up on a template by using different brushes can give your page a whole new look.

Products used: Katie Pertiet: Blendables Layered Template No. 50 Artistry d’Blanco Element Pack, Shadowed and Scripted Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Multimedia Dots No. 01, Life Lines Solid Paper Pack, Blendable Layers No. 29, Watery Scribbles Brushes and Stamps No. 02.

Let's Blend April - Only You upload

I hope you are feeling inspired! Katie has given us a wonderful freebie pack  to use for this challenge.  Using the items in the freebie pack and your other Designer Digitals products, post your page in the Mask Appeal Scrapbook Challenge Gallery as well as in the April Challenge Participation Thread  to increase your savings at Designer Digitals.  A big thank you to Anke and Sarah for creating such inspiring, beautiful layouts and helping me out with this challenge.









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April Showers of Savings Sale Final Day at DesignerDigitals

Today is the final day of our April Showers of Savings Sale here at DesignerDigitals. Every spring based item as well as pocket scrapbooking items are now 40% off. That’s over 1,500 items! The sale runs through 6am EST on Friday.

And we have a brand new $ 99 cent item. Today’s new item will be at that price until 6am EST on Friday when the sale ends.

Today’s $ 99 cent special is: ARTpack Botanicals Brushes, Stamps and Layered Files No. 03


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Prompted Challenge: When I procrastinate…

Hello everyone! For this month’s journaling prompt, we are going sit down and get right to work, procrastinating! Or at least talking about it with the help of a freebie (linked below).

What activities do you do when you really should be doing something else? What chores or responsibilities cause you to procrastinate the most? Are you so disciplined that you never procrastinate, are you a habitual procrastinator, or are you somewhere in between?

lizzet5 (Liz) created this beautiful page where she documented the thoughts that go through her head when she knows that she is procrastinating:


To make her artfully messy page, Liz used these products from Katie Pertiet: the journal prompt freebie, Loosely Labeled Stacks Daily No. 01Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 04, and the soon to be released Good Day Solids Paper Pack, Good Day Painted Accents, Good Day Element Pack and Drawn Labels No. 1.

I know that I procrastinate the most when I have laundry to fold and put away – when I usually end up reaching for my phone, so I used that theme for my page:

april procrastinate web

For my page, I used the journal prompt freebie,  Wood Veneer Symbology No. 01Bold Scripts: 365 Days of Love Brushes and StampsChippery Paper Pack No. 02 by Katie Pertiet Inky Dink Page Borders by Lynn Grieveson and DoubleD Doodles: School No. 01 by Studio Double-D.

There is a journal prompt freebie that you can download to use for the challenge. I hope that you can join in the challenge and share your page in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery. Remember, if your page includes all DD products then it qualifies for the Rewards Program where you can earn discount coupons for the DD store – just link your page in the April Challenge Participation Sign In thread!

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Sweet and Treasured: Template Mash Up Scrapbook Challenge

Scrapbooking helps us document and remember sweet and treasured moments. I’ve got two beautiful templates for you to play with today, and I think that along with our creative team, they’ll provide some beautiful inspiration for you as you do that with You’re Sweet Layered Template and Treasured Layered Template No. 02.



Our creative team knocked my socks off with the beautiful pages they created while mashing these two templates!

2015-04-19-Ashley-is-a-treasureEsther used these templates to document the special relationship between her daughter and a wonderful  young man. Some of my favorite features of Esther’s layout are her placement of the ‘xoxo’ overlay, her use of the ‘treasure’ word art, and of course her fun and creative photo placement within the two frames. In addition to the featured templates, Esther’s page made use of Blendable Layers No20 and Flair Minis No4.

love_this_happy_faceLiz created a beautiful page, with a soft blue color scheme that really sets off those blue eyes! Credits on this page include: Canvas Cardstocks Paper Pack No. 18, Made with Wings Brushes and Stamps No. 03, Lila Bleu Scrapbooking Kit, Neutral Word Bits No. 02, Miranda Paper Pack.

You're Sweet Layered Template Valentine Heart

 I’ve been watching Pam’s granddaughter Clara grow up over the last couple of years through Pam’s scrapbook pages. It’s hard to believe how quickly that time has gone, and that this pretty little girl with a kitty cat is Clara! Pam’s extra DD supplies for this page were: Canvas Cardstocks Paper Pack No. 18, Color Study Flair: Red No. 01, Scatterings No. 04, Tabbed Dates No. 01A, Striping Grunge Edgers Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Readymade Banners: Love No. 03.
I’d like to challenge you to do some template mashing now! Take our two featured templates and mash away! Use as much or as little from each of them as you like to create your own page documenting sweet, treasured memories. You  can use any additional supplies on your layout, too. We encourage you to use all currently available DD items. If you do, your page is eligible for credit in our rewards program. You can read all of the rewarding details and find out how to sign up and sign in by checking out this post!
You’ll want to post your completed pages in the Template Challenge Gallery, too. I can’t wait to see them!
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Rain, Rain Brushes and Sale at DesignerDigitals

Today is day 5 of our April Showers of Savings Sale here at DesignerDigitals. Every spring based item as well as pocket scrapbooking items are now 40% off. That’s over 1,500 items! The sale runs through 6am EST on Friday.

And we have a brand new $ 99 cent item. Today’s new item will be at that price until 6am EST on Friday when the sale ends.

Today’s $ 99 cent special is: Rain, Rain Brushes and Stamps


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Itunes Inspiration Scrap Challenge

April’s challenge is here already!  I hope you are ready to think outside the box and get all arty on me!
I loved the paint, and colours, on this CD cover –

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 14.21.42

and what I really like, with a ‘no photo’ inspiration piece, is you can go so many ways with this!

There is the always most useful freebie from Katie, which has in great arty brushes and a oh so handy clipping mask too.

The Creative Team have made some brilliant pages to show you exactly how versatile this challenge is –

Earlofoxford has a beautiful page, and very cleverly incorporated a photo into the heart part of the original inspiration too.



Kikimama has a cute little girl in her page too! again you can see the heart shape, the curve and the underlining from the start piece. Clever stuff!



My page, just for a change does not have either a horse nor a little girl on it! (I know I know! 😉 ) I just had to scrap this gorgeous view from high up a welsh mountain. I’ve used most of the freebie brushes too and the title is a silly play on the inspiration piece’s.



Cannot wait to see your take on this challenge. As always please place your page into the special iTunes challenge gallery. Thanks so much for joining in!



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