5 Reasons to be Grateful

Thanksgiving week is upon us and it’s a great time to take a moment to document what we are grateful for. I’m challenging you to scrap about 5 things you are grateful for this week, and then share it with us in the gallery.

I have some inspiration from the creative team to get you started. First up is Mel (Britgirl) – she chose to focus on 5 things she is grateful for in the early morning. I love the idea of isolating a certain time of day and picking out the things that you are grateful for.

grateful - melMel used the following DD products: Stamped Alphabet No. 04, Blendable Layers No. 11, Blendable Layers No. 10, blendable layers base paper pack 01, Instamatic Frames No. 03, J-Cards: 30 Days of Thankful, Arrowed Journalers No. 04 Brushes and Stamps, Painted Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 02

Next up is Debi (beehive50), and she was inspired by a very similar “5 things” page she completed for her daughter last year. I just love how she put this together to coordinate with that page, and both are such treasures for her daughter.

grateful - DebiDebi used the following DD products on her page: Folia Solids Paper Pack, Winter Woods Solids Paper Pack, Textured Cardstock: Citrus Berry Paper Pack, Basic Grids Paper Pack No. 02, Patterned Palette Super Pack No. 04, Flair Mini Sports, Watery Branches Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Flair Minis No. 02, Wood Veneer Leaves No. 01, Black, White and Tan Kit, Fastener Basics No. 01, Hester Kit, How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows

And finally I give you Aino’s page and all that she has to be grateful for. I love the variety of colors and whimsical feel of the page – so fun!

grateful - Aino

Aino used these DD products: Jelly Alphabet No. 14, Scribbled Overlays No. 02, Edge Overlays No. 07, Taped Together Overlays No. 03, Inspiration Remixed No. 06, Around Words Thankful Brushes and Stamps

Now it’s time to tell us 5 things you are grateful for – I can’t wait to get inspired by all of your pages. Post your pages in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery  and don’t forget when you use ALL DD product on your challenge page you can post a link of your page in the November Challenge Participation thread so that it will count towards your savings in the rewards program.  I’m so grateful for all of you and the opportunity I have to participate in this amazing scrapbooking community. Have a great week everyone!

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Saturday Scraplift: A Little Horizontal

It’s time for the Saturday Scraplift Challenge. I tend to be drawn to pages that have a photo or layers that stretch the full width or length of a page. So when I spotted Leaf Love by Lindsay (bessysue581) I knew it would be my choice for this week’s challenge.  I really like the rows of circles and how the clusters are anchored on them. She added such a cute photo of her son and topped it off with fun title work. So much here to inspire you.


Merr (digigrandma) followed the inspiration piece and created her charming page with a Christmas theme using fun holiday touches and a photo of her cute ornaments.  I like how the trees create the horizontal line and the added swirl and glitz!

From Merr

Her supply list includes:  Coin Holder Frame No. 02, Bradded Frames No. 01, December Woods Paper Pack, Tied Fastener No. 01, Joyful Epoxies, Holiday Tree Masks No. 01, white button from Catana Kit, Bead Scatterings No. 02, Worth Repeating Brushes and Stamps No 03, Edge Overlays No. 04, Pencil Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01, the wonderful red alphabet is from Hello December Element Kit, and Starburst Brushes and Stamps No. 02 all by Katie Pertiet.

Another fun creation by Mollie (readstomuch) carries out the circles across the page, plus added the vertical papers for an interesting touch. I love the shape of the frame for the photo of her grandson plus the energy and movement created with the scatters, swirls and burst!

From Mollie

Mollie used:  Arrow Flairs Value Pack No. 01, Bead Scatterings No. 01, Curated Studio Mix No. 18 (coming soon), Cut Ups: Winter, Faringdon Scrapbooking Kit, Inked Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Labelled Journalers No. 07 Bundle, Notebook Paper Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Notebook Paper Pack No. 05, Plastic Alphabet: Yellow No. 01, Polar Mountain Add-on Paper Pack, Starburst Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Textured Cardstock: Cape Paper Pack, Textured Cardstock: Neutra Paper Pack, Wood Veneer Geometrics, Watery Blocks Scrap Pack Layered Templates No. 01 all by Katie Pertiet.

Remembering warm summer days, Jess (jesshunt) played on that theme and surrounded her cute photo with fun tropical elements. I like the way she matted her photo and anchored it with the title, sun and other elements. I also like the narrow strip that is under and then over the mat.

From Jess

Jess used the following supplies: Pocket Cards: 4×6 Painted Botanicals No. 03, Multimedia Bursts No. 01, Surf Lagoon Scrapbooking Kit, Mango Skies Mini Kit, Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 01 by Katie Pertiet, St. Malo Worn Papers by Lynn Grieveson, and Just Chevrons Paper Pack No. 05 by Maplebrook Studios

With so many fun new Christmas items in the store I decided to follow that theme. I created a horizontal festive scene and added this photo from a couple years ago. The grands love to put out Christmas cookies for Santa. Did you know he actually eats them?!


For my page I used:  Blendable Layers Base Paper Pack No. 01, My Wonderful Adventure Kit, Starburst Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Gold Stars No. 01, Days of December No. 08: The Graphics Stamps, Whitacre Woods Scrapbooking Kit, Readymade Borders: Christmas No. 01, Hello December Scrapbooking Collection, Snow Pushers Kit, Defined Discs: Holiday No. 01 Brushes and Stamps, Fine Lines Border Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 06.

I hope these pages provide that extra boost for your Saturday inspiration. Be sure to post your pages in the Saturday Scraplift Gallery. Also all pages posted for the challenge, and using 100% Designer Digitals products will be eligible for the rewards program, so don’t forget to keep track of that too in the November Challenge Thread!

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DesignerDigitals Hot Page of the Week, November 22, 2014

With all the winter weather happening, this is such a fun page by Crystal! I love all the layering and the mix of dark and light with a bit of bling, a great mix! Well done Crystal!

snow angels


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Glammed Up Sentiments at DesignerDigitals

Thank you for all your support during our sale! We have so much to be Thankful for this season. Thank you! Meanwhile, we have all been busy creating new products and have stocked the store with nearly 30 new products to inspire you to scrapbook your memories! This includes one priced at just $ 99 cents and the rest 20% off, all until Midnight on Tuesday evening.

And here is the NEW $ 99 cent item priced this way until Midnight EST Tuesday ONLY! Glammed Up Sentiments No. 01


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Create a Picture Within a Picture in Photoshop or PSE [Video]

This week’s Adobe Photoshop or Elements tip of the week is now available on video. This weeks tip is on Create a Picture Within a Picture in Photoshop or PSE.

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Art Journal Inspiration Nov 2014

Hello again.

How often have you taken a photo of yourself in order to use on an art journal page? In a piece of art?

This week I’d like to challenge you to consider taking a photo of yourself or have someone take your picture or part of you (foot/hand/eye/face) in order to visualize the concept or feeling you want to create.

I used this photo of me in this page. I put the camera on a tripod, found a thin white piece of cloth and put it on my head – then let the camera shoot. As you see I also made it into a black and white.


I often photograph all sorts of textures that I see when I am out walking with my camera. Painted walls, rusty junk, grass, clouds, dirt, whatever I think I might use on a page.So I found a recent photo that I wanted to use on this page to create some grunge.



I like to use a background paper and chose one of Katie’s Old Ledger Neutral paper pack. It doesn’t matter too much which paper I choose in a page like this, as I use photos that add a lot of texture and grunge. Other pages might need a background paper with more texture.

Here is a shot of my layers so you can get an idea of how I worked.


I love using Katie’s blendable elements and papers. In this page I used her Pocket Cards Painted Butterflies no 1.  I only used some of the layers and in some of the layers I added a layer mask and brushed out areas I didn’t want.  Here is my final page:


So there you go.  Think of a concept or theme, go take a photo that represents it, try to use yourself and then go create some art – have fun with photos, layers, blending, masks, colors and brushes.  Be sure to share with the rest of us in our Art Journal Gallery.

Until next time ~ be safe.     ~Aino.



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Final Day 4th Quarter Sale at DesignerDigitals

Today is the final day of our 4th quarter sale here at DesignerDigitals. This is the last store wide sale for 2014. The next store wide sale will be in February of next year.

Every regular item is now 40% off! The sale runs from now through Friday, November 21st at 6am EST. We also have a brand new $ 99 cent item. Today’s item will be at that price until 6am EST on Friday when the sale ends.

Today’s $ 99 cent special is: Readymade Borders: Christmas No. 01


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Template Mash Up Scrapbook Challenge: Fall Fun

A good template–or two–can really jumpstart a scrapbook page! Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that a template will limit our creativity, when in fact, it can push it to new places. That’s one great thing about the Template Mash Up Challenge–it really highlights the original layouts that can be produced starting with a well designed template.

Our challenge this week is to create a page using as many–or as few–elements as you’d like from these lovely templates:



It’s always fun to see what our creative team comes up with to meet these challenges. This time around, I was especially impressed with the three completely different approaches they took and how totally unique each layout appears as a result.

Maplebrook Studios Layered Memories Template 52

Pam filled the blocks of the MBS template with different textures and patterns, then used those spaces for fun Thanksgiving word art. And let’s just say that as a nervous hostess for 25 guests next Thursday, I’m hoping that my turkey looks as good as the one in her photo! (I am seriously going to try her bringing trick!) In addition to our two featured templates, Pam’s supplies on this layout include Duncan Solids Paper Pack, Textured Cardstock: Cape Paper Pack, Fall Flair No. 01, Dictionary Blendables: Everyday No. 02, Thirty Days of Thankful Stamps, Just Linens Paper Pack No. 06, Linen Tonals Paper Pack, Just Linens Paper Pack No. 21, Pound Gratitude Brushes and Stamps.


Mel rotated the MBS template and used it as a colorful mat for her layout, which features elements from the LW template.  Mel’s all DD product credits include: Words + Pictures: Spring Paper Pack, Mango Skies Mini Kit, Messy Stitched Borders: Brown No. 01, Assorted Messy Stitches: Black No. 01, Be Buttoned: Energy, Vintage Photo Frames No. 28, Wooden Arrows No. 01, Naturally Krafty No. 09 Paper Pack, Typesets Girlie No. 02 Brushes and Stamps.


Beckie’s twist was to spread her photo across the blocks of the LM design, then adjust the photo treatment of the different blocks to result in a very unique design. And how cute is that puppy?!? Beckie used the Metsa Scrapbooking Collection along with our mash up challenge templates.

I hope that many of you will play along with us and try your hand at a template mash up! Maplebrook Studios: Layered Memories No. 052 and Studio Double-D:
Layer Works No. 494 will be on our Thrifty Thursday sale this week, so you can pick them up at a great price if you don’t already have them in your stash. Post your pages in our Template Challenge Gallery, and don’t forget that by using all DD products, you’ll be eligible to earn a discount coupon in our Rewards Program! I look forward to seeing your pages!




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Connected Wood Words and 4th Quarter Sale Now at DesignerDigitals

Today is day 7 of our 4th quarter sale here at DesignerDigitals. Every regular item is now 40% off! The sale runs from now through Friday, November 21st at 6am EST. We also have a brand new $ 99 cent item every day. Today’s item will be at that price until 6am EST on Friday when the sale ends.

Today’s $ 99 cent special is: Connected Wood Words No. 07


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Itunes Inspired Challenge

The November iTunes Inspiration Challenge is here already… the year is picking up speed!  Everyone around me is talking of Christmas and the little people in my house have demanded Christmas songs on in the car already. I don’t really mind, anything to brighten the grey, grey days of November in the UK, as long as the Christmas songs are many and varied! Which is how I came across this CD cover to inspire us this month!


Its so pretty :)

Katie has made a gorgeous brush or two for the challenge, you can head here to download it. We have all used at least part of it in our pages, so its obviously a handy download to have!

The Creative Team were all over this one and gave me lots of pages to inspire you further. Take a look at these –

Arte Banale never fails to create jaw dropping pages and she’s done it again with this one-



Jlholden15 knocked out this page, the red is so gorgeous, so christmassy a page! Love the dusty glitter smudges.


Esther_a added another page to her heritage album. And what a page; really lovely, really really vintage.


And finally my own page, that just a for a change does not have a cute fat pony on it! But a cute grumpy cat instead ;)


Look at all those pretty pages! Hope that gives your ideas a jump start :) Be sure to upload your layout to the special iTunes gallery so we can see them.  See you next month!


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